These athletes all experienced pivotal moments in their careers with their fathers right by their side

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo from Pinterest

It’s no question that a father plays a huge role in an athlete’s life. Everyone has a father figure who constantly pushes them, serves as a mentor, and shapes them into becoming the best versions of themselves. And this is no different for professional athletes who have cemented their legacies. Looking back at history will show just how vital this relationship is. Here are five unforgettable father-son moments that will forever be remembered in sports history:


Jim Redmon carries his son Derek to the finish line

England’s Derek Redmon was expected to claim gold in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Unfortunately, midway through his 400-meter race, Redmon went down with a hamstring injury. Rather than give up, Redmon went on despite the severe pain. Moments after, his father Jim Redmon rushed from the stands to help his son get through the finish line. Watching Jim finish along with Derek Redmon who wept in his father’s arms was indeed the truest form of a father’s love.


Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. go backto-back

Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. were perhaps the greatest father-son duo to happen in baseball history. The Griffeys played for the Seattle Mariners for two seasons and became the first father-son duo to be featured in a starting lineup together. Their most epic play was the back-to-back home runs against the Los Angeles Angels that showcased how a son was following in his dad’s footsteps. Ken Griffey Jr. went on to continue his father’s legacy and became a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and one the most prolific home run hitters in history.


Pat Cash celebrates Wimbledon win with his dad

After Pat Cash won the Wimbledon men’s singles finals in 1987, he jumped right into the stands and pushed past cheering fans to celebrate the first moments of his championship victory with his father. Cash was the first player to ever leap into the stands and to pioneer the championship climb, which later became a tradition of sorts for those who won the tournament after him.


Ty Lucas’ emotional reunion with his father from the army

In 2018, a viral video of Clemson University’s Ty Lucas and dad Cody Lucas’s tearful reunion surfaced online. The freshman running back was surprised by his father who returned home after nine months of serving the United States Army in Afghanistan. The video posted on the Clemson Football Twitter page showed Lucas and his father share a long, teary embrace and a whole lot of high fives.


Michael Jordan on the 1996 championship: This is for daddy

Michael Jordan lost his father in 1993. After skipping a year of basketball, Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls back to the NBA finals in 1996 and win their sixth championship against the Seattle Supersonics, which also happened on Father’s Day. When the buzzer rang, Jordan was overwhelmed with emotion and spent hours crying in memory of his father. Jordan’s ability to prosper despite the circumstances cemented his legacy and manifested how rooted his relationship was with his father.


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