Literally no gym, no problem

By Nadine Halili | Photo by Naitian (Tony) Wang/Unsplash

It’s been a week since President Rodrigo Duterte placed Luzon on enhanced community quarantine. While everybody has been adjusting to this new normal (at least for the time being), people all over the world have found new ways to stay healthy. The COVID-19 crisis has driven people to self-quarantine due to the risks of the virus spreading. Throughout this difficult time, those who are privileged enough to remain home have been looking for different ways to keep themselves busy. If you have been living an active lifestyle prior to the start of this community quarantine, you may have also been missing the adrenaline rush of exercising and working out. Now that gyms are closed and not many of us have workout equipment at home, some gym rats have also flexed their creative muscles to stay active and boost those endorphins:

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¿NO GYM? 💦 ¡NO PROBLEM! 💦 Estoy FELIZ con esta rutina que les paso porque, sinceramente, siempre fui de subestimar estos videos con bidones de agua 🤪. Pero hoy lo probé y AARRRDIIIIIOOOOO todo!! 🔥 Funciona. Háganlo porque funciona. . TIP #1 👉🏼 La cantidad de litros de agua decidila vos. Es clave que el peso te resulte desafiante… Pero que no destruya tu técnica. . TIP #2 👉🏼 Hacé los movimientos lentamente y controlados. ¡No te apures! Tratá de generar una conexión mente/músculo e imaginá que estás reclutando muchas fibras musculares 💪🏼 . TIP #3 👉🏼 Controlá el tiempo de descanso. SOLO 30 segundos entre cada serie. No cuelgues. . 🙌🏼 RUTINA DE BRAZOS 🙌🏼 – 12 repeticiones de cada ejercicio. – 4 vueltas. 🟣 Curl de biceps. 🟣 Extensiones de tríceps. 🟣 Vuelos laterales a 1 lado sentxdxs. 🟣 Elevaciones posteriores. . ¿Quién se suma? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏿🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽 . #NoGymNoProblem #YoEntrenoEnCasa #Fitness #FitFamily #FitGirl #ChicaFit #Workout #Rutina #GymDandri

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Many athletes have similarly thought of new ways to fuel the competitive spirit while at home. Since most sports require human contact and competition, they’ve looked to  furniture to keep busy and entertained.

Although we do advise erring on the side of safety, please do leave those risky workout ideas to professionals and literally just stay indoors. If you are a sports fan and have been missing cheering and hyping your favorite teams, check out the thrilling world of marble racing. 

The idea behind marble racing follows the path of classic sporting events such as Formula One coupled with spot-on narration.  Not only that, marble racing follows the rules of social distancing and they have their own team and individual names (like Indigo Stars, Crazy Cat’s Eyes, Mellow Yellow and Jawbreakers, Rojo Uno and Sublime). You could pick a marble or team based on the name and color and cheer them on throughout the different tournaments. It really feels like you’re rooting for your favorite teams and athletes at your favorite sporting event. 

The sport has been gaining traction online as people are discovering the excitement of watching their chosen marble compete and take on the test of gravity. Sports fans have also recently been raving about it on Twitter ever since this video from Jelle’s Marble Runs went viral on Mar. 15:

The video gained a total of 34.6 million views as of Mar. 23. Facebook page theScore shared the same video last Monday, Mar. 16 and has since earned 3.9 million views and 53,000 shares.

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