The happiness we find in triathlon

By RV Merano

Triathlon has become a very popular sport in the Philippines the past few years. While some athletes are inclined to join with a very competitive nature, many are keen to do the sport for fitness or the personal satisfaction of finishing a race and beating one’s own record. Whatever it might be, triathlon has indeed made its way to many aspiring athletes in the Philippines because of the certain high it contributes to its eager participants.

I asked a few dedicated triathletes on what makes them happy in this sport and here is a summary of their responses.

“I can eat what I want without feeling guilty”

The popular “I don’t want to gain weight” sound-off any person into fitness whines about. After a long ride, brick session, or track intervals, we definitely deserve to eat what we want without feeling remorseful.

“I have inspired someone to join the sport”

It feels good to see friends who were mere spectators at previous races be inspired enough to join the sport themselves. The perk of triathlon is that we get used to a healthy lifestyle by staying away from drinking, smoking, and sleeping late. Thus, we unconsciously influence friends to engage into a new lifestyle.

“You look for it”

There are days when we feel lazy to train or too sleepy to get out of bed and work out. But, training has become a part of our daily routine. Even if we don’t have races to prepare for, swimming, biking or running has become part of our system that we end up looking for it.

“I get enough rest and recovery”

Overtraining our bodies is the worst thing we can ever do to ourselves. It causes us to pull back from our normal training routine because we get sick. Having enough rest and recovery as part of our training program gives us a breather to come back stronger and more satisfied on our next workout.

“I get to do it with someone I like”

In triathlon, we get to meet new people from different walks of life. We have different training groups, teams, age group friends, or the usual people we see at bike shops when we have our bikes tuned up. At one point, we jive with someone, away from our usual social circle, who share the same interests as us. We look forward to training days getting to know these people more and pushing each other to our limits every time we train together.

“I compete with no one by myself”

Racing against yourself doesn’t sound as pressure-filled as racing with others. As triathletes, we have to acknowledge that we all tried our best to prepare for the race. There is no competition because we are all winners just by showing up at an event.

“I beat my personal record”

Beating your personal record is evidence of progress and hard work. Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of cutting down a few minutes of your personal best after long, hard training months or even years

“I don’t overspend!”

Triathlon offers a wide range of gear options; from the most colorful swimwear and flashy goggles to the top-of-the-line bikes and latest running shoes. You are a happy triathlete if you live within your means. You don’t give in to the temptation of buying the most expensive stuff just to level with your peers. You buy what you can and you feel happy about it.

“I look forward to the finish line where I see my family in the end”

You get the support you need from your family, friends, and teammates. They also serve as your inspiration to race.

“I feel healthy!”

We feel healthy exercising daily, knowing proper nutrition, and having enough rest and recovery. We don’t need to pay for a nutritionist because, on our own, we get to feel fit and healthy while enjoying what we do.

“I get to expand my network”

Aside from the fact that we get to meet potential clients, we meet new people who can possibly change our lives one way or another.

“I feel superhuman”

Well, of course, not every one can swim, bike, and run in one day and in just a few hours. Being a triathlete makes us feel superhuman, doesn’t it?

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