A little shout-out to some of our favorite triathlon films 

By Eloisa Lopez

Triathlete or not, it doesn’t take much to understand and appreciate how gruesome and awesome of a life multisport athletes lead. Running to and from workouts, going on trips from one race venue to the next, being a triathlete can encompass all facets of your life. Whether you’re in need of reminding of the good parts, or just looking for a push to get inspired or motivated, these tri flicks could be your quick fix:


Living is Winning

The film is a documentation of Andrew “Drew” Johnston’s battle with leukemia during the 2004 Ford Ironman World Championship, in which he had to quit the race with 10 miles left to go. Johnston’s story gives a whole new perspective on the essence of “not giving up,” as he chose to continue the race a year later when his disease went into remission. Whether you’re feeling weak, tired, or simply unmotivated, Living is Winning will inspire you to keep going, no matter who or what challenges you.


What It Takes

Featuring four elite Ironman triathletes—Peter Reid, Heather Fuhr, Lori Bowden, and Luke Bell—What It Takes gives viewers an in-depth peek into the lives of professional triathletes. If you’ve ever wondered how world champions go about their days, if you ever think that they lead such perfect lives, this film shows you exactly what happens during the in-betweens of competitions, training, and resting—the unscripted thoughts and personal issues these four athletes deal with on their road to success. On the days you feel small in the competitive world of triathlon, What It Takes is a good reminder that even world champions go through ups and downs, that even winners have their fair share losses on their way to the top.


The Distance

It’s one thing to become a triathlete, but it’s another to be one and have another life behind it. The Distance documents the journey of the aspirants, the first-timers, and the achievers towards a full-distance triathlon. It is almost impossible to detach one’s personal life from becoming a triathlete and the film justifies exactly that as it captures the personal struggles not only of the athletes but of their loved ones too. The Distance is for those sneaking a workout in the middle of a full-time job, for those with a midterm exam to deal with before the race, for the mothers with children to care for in between trainings, and all in all, the amateurs dreaming to make it to the finish line.


Triathlete: Forging The Dream

Starting out as an unfit teenager without goals of his own, Marc Lovatt is faced with a life-altering event that changed him to who he is now: a triathlete. More than a sport, triathlon changes your lifestyle and outlook on life. Forging The Dream captures how Lovatt found a deeper purpose in his life within and through the sport. Whether you’re a pro or a rookie, Forging The Dream serves as a humble reminder that everyone can change, and anyone can become a triathlete.


The Iron Minds

Ever run through a course and wonder what the person racing beside you is thinking?  The Iron Minds is a documentation of triathletes thinking out loud. The “fears, weapons, and strategies” of elite triathletes out in the open for you to hear.  Sometimes all it takes is a pep talk to get you through the next three kilometers. Likewise, sometimes it only takes one bad thought to make you fail. For the days when your biggest challenge is your own self, and your worst enemy is your insecurity, The Iron Minds reminds you that more than your trainer, coach, best buds, and teammates, only you can help you make it through the race.

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