Whether it’s camping, hiking, diving, or yoga equipment, the Philippines has got it all

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Ehmir Bautista/Unsplash

With how fast active lifestyle is spreading in the country, it’s no surprise that Filipino entrepreneurs are tapping into the sporting market. Here, we spotlight the local brands giving more Filipinos easier access to adventure gear.



Since it started in 1995, the brand has made a name for itself, both locally and internationally, for its outdoor sandals. Tribu is known for its wave-shaped sandals, tribal designs, and ethnic strap patterns. Its latest sandals are styled after Igorots and Sunanons, made with shock-absorbent abzo-pad. Aside from these, Tribu also sells bags, apparel, and everyday accessories like hats and wallets.



This brand is all about making sandals and slippers for rigorous mountaineering. Sandugo sandals are made of durable rubber; the soles of which are patterned similar to tires, so they’re not slippery and are suitable for any kind of terrain. Sandugo also sell bags, cycling gear, and apparel made for outdoor adventures. The brand has even manufactured it own mountain bike called the Sandugo Brusko, which is designed even for novices.



One thing this brand is popular for is bags. Habagat offers a wide variety of outdoor and travel bags that are affordable, durable, and waterproof. Habagat prides itself on handmade and nature-tested products. Environmentalism is something the people behind Habagat also consider, so they try to make their bags as long-lasting as possible. Online reviews have even stated that Habagat bags have lasted for as long as 10 years (and still perfectly usable). It also sells outdoor wallets, vests, hooks, and harnesses.



If water sports are your thing, then this brand offers all your snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving needs. The owner of this brand is also a diver and instructor. From fins and bodysuits to tanks and regulators, Aquamundo has everything any water sports enthusiast could need.


Apexus Outdoor Equipment

If tents and tarps are what you’re looking for, this brand has you covered. Its tents are known for lightweight poles and nylon fabric that could match any international brand. Apexus’ tadpole tents have even reached as far as Mt. Everest. Most of its tents are made to be packed light and are suitable for any type of weather.



Extreme sports aren’t the only thing the local market is focusing on; there’s even yoga and gymnastics wear. Eskina can provide you with just the right clothes for it. It has women’s activewear specifically made for yoga, dancing, and pole dancing. The clothes look chic and trendy too, so you can work out in style.

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