Each sneaker reflects the distinct style of the cartoon’s main characters

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo from Rock Nation Sports

This August, NBA star Kyrie Irving and Nike will be releasing a limited edition five-sneaker collection inspired by the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. The collection will consist of three Kyrie 5s and two summer-ready Kyrie Low 2s that reference the show’s characters like  Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and of course, SpongeBob.

Each sneaker is a nod to the style of each of the characters’ distinct look and personality. The SpongeBob Kyrie 5 is designed with gold dots, a squiggly swoosh, and a red accent, mimicking SpongeBob’s famous khaki-and-red tie outfit. The other Kyrie 5 sneaker finds Patrick Starr as its inspiration, with a multi-shade pink print on the top part of the shoe and a neon green outsole shade on the midsole in reference to the character’s shorts.

Another Kyrie 5 design is dedicated to Squidward Tentacles. These sneakers have a slightly more toned down combination of light jade and soft blue. All Kyrie 5 sneakers sport a Nickelodeon stamp across the shoelaces.

Meanwhile, the Kyrie Low 2 features a combination of white, grey, and brown, recalling astronaut squirrel Sandy Cheeks’s space suit. Lastly, the other pair of Kyrie Low 2 is an ode to  Krusty Krab owner Mr. Krabs, featuring mixes of hot red, jade, blue, and gold that are meant as a reference to the character’s love for money.

Irving, who grew up watching pongeBob SquarePants released the collection in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the iconic TV show. While the official release date and retail price have yet to be disclosed, Nike announced via twitter that fans can expect the limited edition sneakers to arrive this summer. But as Irving suits up for his new team this coming season, expect him to rock this collection as the newest guard of the Brooklyn Nets.

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