Before splurging all your savings, seek alternative ways to gauge how much you should invest in a certain sport

By Nicole Ganglani | Lead photo by Wojciech Then/Unsplash

The sad truth about investing in an outdoor sport is that it requires a lot of money. Depending on the sport, you’re bound to spend tons of cash on equipment alone. That’s why it’s important to have a spending strategy before burning cash right away to pursue a certain sport. Here are some tips to get into an outdoor sport without throwing away all your savings.


Avoid spending right away

Don’t spend on a full gear package right away. First, look for alternative sources. You can start by using someone else’s equipment or looking through online stores that rent gear for a cheaper price. Another way is to watch out for seasonal demo sales. Bike shops typically have semi-annual sales where they sell a huge chunk of their stock. Borrowing from these resources could help you determine which products are worth your money.


Explore possible opportunities

Getting enough experience doing outdoor sports is another way to know how much money and effort to invest in a certain sport.  To get that much-needed experience, try looking for outdoor programs and resorts that offer introductory classes, rental gear, private lessons, and free trials. For example, if you want to get into autocross, you can join Toyota’s autocross challenge which takes happens throughout the year.


Join a community

Social media has made it easier for to connect with people. With the vast array of sports and fitness groups on Facebook, it will be easy enough to find a community that shares your interests. An advantage of connecting with fellow outdoor sport enthusiasts is that it can help you secure the best deals before spending hefty amounts.


Explore the industry

If a certain sport ends up becoming more than just a hobby for you, pursuing a job in the sports industry will give you the opportunity to get the necessary exposure. In the Philippines, you can pursue a job related to the outdoor activity you want to get into by checking out organizations like Trail Adventours and United Philippine Surfing Association. These groups can  help you practice your hobby on a regular basis.

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