Make exercise a part of your daily routine

By Mon Garcia | Photos by Vinicius Amano, Matthew Kane, and Autumn Goodman/Unsplash

There are days when we simply don’t have time to squeeze in a workout. Days when an hour-long trainer or rollers session, a 30-minute run, or a quick swim seem like too much given our daily tasks. This becomes even more difficult when we consider the setup or travel time required to do these activities. But these are days that call for quick workouts you can do anywhere and with no or minimal equipment. So then what can you do?


Even 10 to 15 minutes of yoga, coupled with the correct breathing techniques, can give you the workout you need to maintain fitness. During my freshman year in college, part of the physical fitness program was to run a mile. I had been training for it albeit informally and wanted to do well. My goal was to be in the top five times of the semester, barring the amazing performances of the track and field team. Unfortunately, I got sick a week before my run and had to be rescheduled two weeks later. I had intestinal flu and was advised not to do anything strenuous in the weeks during recovery. So what did I do? Yoga. Everyday. In the confines of my apartment. The result: third fastest time for the semester. On three weeks of breathing and holding poses.

High-Intensity Intervals

There is an abundance of short and quick high-intensity workouts that have been catching on as fads for the past decade. The thing is, for the purpose of a quick workout, they work. In a pinch. Which is exactly what you need. Pick your punishment and just go at it. P90X, Taebo, 10 Minute Fitness. Whatever you got, just go with it. The net fitness result will always be above zero.

Foam Rolling

Fifteen minutes of proper foam rolling and an intention to affect as many muscles is a serious workout in itself. Mix this in from time to time, between your other quick workouts. Get a nice looking foam roller, too. They can get really cute.

I don’t get to ride as often as I want, given work and other matters but being able to sneak in quick workouts gives me confidence for when I get back on the saddle again. These short workouts help me maintain my base fitness until the next big ride. So, the next time you think you can’t get a workout, get sneaky.

What’s your favorite quick workout?