You don’t need to add sugar to make water tastier

By Ea Francisco | Lead photo by Toa Heftiba/Unsplash | Illustration by Lara Intong

You’ve probably seen people drink water with fruit slices in it. While a common sight in gyms, spas, and hotels, these fruity concoctions aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. It’s a legitimate health trend.

Infused water is the result of adding natural vitamins and minerals to create a detox drink. Not to be confused with juicing, infusing water means soaking fruits and vegetables so that their health properties diffuse into the water. A little digging into the trend reveals that fruits and vegetables aren’t the only additives of choice: chlorophyll water, seen from celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, claims to supply antioxidants; aloe vera water aids digestion; rose-infused water helps induce sleep; and the powerful cinnamon water helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

But the real secret is really in the water itself. Hydrating is one of the most important human functions. Drinking water alone cleanses and regulates the digestive system, but many people deem it bland and instead choose to drink sugary beverages. Infused water is the best solution for these types of drinkers.

Moreover, immersing fruits in water speeds up the detoxification process as well as help curb hunger. Some dieters drink infused water to avoid excessive snacking and eating.

For starters, stick with fruits. You can easily make one at home using your regular market produce. Slice up the fruit and let it sit in the water for at least four hours. You have the option of having the peels on or off, though the peels get bitter over time. BE warned though that it has to be chilled in your refrigerator if not consumed within the day. Otherwise, infused water sitting out in room temperature can cultivate bacteria.

Here are some of the more common infused water combinations you can find online:

infused water by lara intong

Lemon water

Lemon water is generally for regulating your digestion and is best to drink first thing in the morning so you can have regulated digestion throughout the day.

Cucumber lemon water

This combination acts as a metabolism booster. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while the cucumber balances the citrusy taste.

Ginger lime water

Ginger is an acquired taste, but it’s good for relieving nausea. Along with the lime, it makes for a good combination that counters inflammation and motion sickness.

Watermelon basil water

This combination is best for reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This comes from the watermelon’s large amount of vitamin A and B^ along with the basil’s antibacterial compounds.

Apple cinnamon water

This is one of the most popular combinations out there, mostly because of its taste. It serves as a low-calorie energy booster that can replace soda. This one is best made with cinnamon sticks rather than the powdered one because the latter clumps together and becomes grainy.

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