The trends coming in this decade will focus more on physical and mental health as opposed to weight-loss

By Nicole Ganglani | Photo by Form/Unsplash

In the past decade, weight-loss and appearance were factors that influenced the idea of fitness. However, this was the same decade that witnessed the rise of group workout classes, fitness right from your smartphones and smartwatches, and well-being and self-care as top priority.  That’s why the fitness trends coming in 2020 are going to be a lot more about your physical and mental well-being. This also means stressing on the idea of living a balanced and well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Just like last the last few years,  2020 will be more about body positivity and the idea of being part of a supportive fitness community. This year will see more ways to exercise conveniently, the idea of practicing a mix of low and intense workout routine, and a more advanced approach to nutrition. Here are some of the biggest fitness and health trends you can expect in 2020:


Rise of tech-abetted home gyms

Fitness trends over the past year have found ways to resolve the issues of going to the gym. Andy Petranek, co-founder of the Whole Life Challenge, states that there will be a big increase in the number of people working out in their homes with the help of virtual training programs. Applications like Mirror, Nike Training Club, and Tonal for example will provide the workout right in the comfort of your home. Expect more of these apps and solid training programs that people will rely on for convenience. 


Restorative fitness

Restorative fitness is the balance of going through a cycle of stress and recovery in your workout routine. New data suggests that an ideal fitness routine should be a mix of low, moderate, and high intensity workouts instead of aiming for maximum effort all the time. This is where engaging in different fitness cycles comes in. It’s also important to start utilizing a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in order to determine your status in the recovery cycle and what level of workout they can do. Some workouts that will be more popular are lower-intensity yoga and pilates. 


More wearable technology

The last few years of the recent decade showed us the magic of fitness bands and technology in general. Expect more of that in 2020 with an increased focus on community. There will be options to interact and connect with like-minded people through fitness apps. This will be the year where the fitness landscape will shift more into digital. 


A more sustainable approach to eating healthy 

Jim Firth, a sports nutrition specialist and founder of TopFitPros, says that 2020 will be more about functional and holistic long-term approaches to weight-loss rather than diets. Expect true sustainable nutrition programs along with regular exercise as the formula to staying healthy. An example of this is the idea of functional beverages that include herbs, vitamins, nootropics, amino acids, raw fruits and vegetables. There will also be lots of alternative choices like using collagen or turmeric gold milk instead of actual milk for coffee. 


Downtime will be considered as productive time

The importance of rest, slowing down, and taking a break will be considered a huge factor in this age of burnout. We’ve come to realize that chronic stress is detrimental to our well-being. This year will be more acceptable to the (lost) art of not doing anything and how this could actually significantly affect productivity. 

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